Monday, 27 May 2013

OOTN 25.5.13

Couple of days late but I have had such a busy bank holiday! Saturday morning/afternoon I admit I didn't do much but I went out on Saturday night with my friend from work; we went to st albans and I will be talking about my outfit further down! I woke up Sunday feeling as rough as anything and had one of my friends baby shower to be at! I didn't properly get out of bed till quarter to 12 so had to rush home and get ready - turned out to only be 10 minutes late, woop! The baby shower was such good fun and it was the first time I had ever been to one, but I had a really good time. We played a few games, ate ALOT of food (I was still full up by the time I got into bed at midnight!), and watched the mummy to be open all her gifts! It was such an emotional day but I did well to hold the tears in haha! After the baby shower a few of us decided to meet our semi-drunk boyfriends at the pub! Me being hung over stayed sensible and didn't drink as not only was I suffering from a pounding headache I was so full up cos I'd eaten twice my body weight in food... Anyways I think we stayed at the pub till about 8pm and we then went back to one of my other friends house and watched tele, everyone carried on drinking but me and we played with her pet lizards Spike & Mandy! It was a really enjoyable evening and it was a nice way to spend a Sunday.
Onto my Saturday outfit!:
White lace crop top - Topshop
High waisted black Joni jeans - Topshop
Red Lace-up wedges -
Watch - GC
Rings - Topshop
I'm sorry but I've got a go out after I post this so I haven't got the time to find the items online haha! I was really happy with my choice of outfit although by the end of the night my feet were ready to drop off! These Joni jeans are my second pair because the pair I had actually turned out to be faulty, they had white stitching showing at the sides & there was a great big pull across my thigh so I exchanged them for another pair. These ones I'm wearing in the picture actually have more of a legging feel than a denim feel - its almost like they've reworked the whole jean because I know the original Joni jeans have had a few faults with them. I also had to go a size down because they're so unbelievably stretchy and are just so figure hugging I didn't even bother trying on the size 10 (which I am normally).
Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend :)
Have a good week.

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