Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Photo Diary

Afternoon tea @ Bills for Mothers Day // Girls night out // Selfie // waffles at Westfield // minty fresh nails // another Afternoon Tea at our spa hotel // love a Strawberry Daiquiri // A little chocolate bunny from my boy // So excited when this arrived! // Byron burger before McBusted! // 2for1 cocktails in the O2 lounge before McBusted // obviously bought a t shirt... // buzzing // Me & Cat before McBusted! // selfie // scrounging for a cuppa.

What a month it has been. Omg. I've had such a good April. The beginning of April saw Scott return from Miami with his friends so I was very happy to have him back. However, he has realised he basically wants to live in America so we are about to book to go to New York next year because he wants to explore everywhere! Easter Weekend me & my mother went away to a spa weekend which I have done a whole other blog post on (you can read all about it here) but it was so lovely to get away for the weekend and proper relax! The weekend just gone I went to see McBusted with my boyfriend, Cat, and her boyfriend - omg best night of my whole entire life! It was just incredible, we had pretty rubbish seats (we were right up in the rafters) but it didn't even matter because the atmosphere was amazing and everyone was up dancing. I pretty much filmed every song so now I'm struggling for space on my iPhone but it was so worth it. If you're going you are in for a treat! 

Lots of love,

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Sunday Post: Easter Weekend At The Spa

Last weekend, what with it being Easter & all that, my mum surprised me with a weekend away to the spa! We traveled quite a distance as mum had heard good reviews, the hotel was Hilton Puckrup Hall Spa & Golf Club Hotel located in Tewkesbury, Gloucester. Traffic wasn't so good on the Saturday and it ended up taking us nearly 3 hours to get there which was quite annoying. When we arrived we were speechless, it was tucked away down a little country lane and just sat amongst miles and miles of fields in every direction.

We checked in & went up to the room which had two single beds and was relatively nice. We had afternoon tea booked which you can see in the top picture. The fruits added that little extra something, it looked amazing & it tasted delicious. Obviously there is always time for a selfie...

We finished our afternoon tea a bit earlier than expected so we ventured round the hotel to see what was going on. When mum booked the hotel we also got to have a free treatment at the spa so obviously we chose massages! We also booked in pedicures but unfortunately they didn't book them in properly so we missed out on that :( we were not happy bunnies! The massage on the other hand was incredible. Omg, I've never had a massage before and I was a bit scared about taking my clothes off and all that malarky but it was so relaxing. When the lady turned the lights back on I felt like I'd been disturbed from the worlds best nap! Missing out on the pedicures meant that the owner gave us a complementary eyebrow wax which is always a good thing. I don't think I have ever had my eyebrows waxed so well... everything was just on point with the spa (except the pedicure scenario...)

After we had our massages we changed into our cozzies and dived right into the pool (which was actually very cold...) for a little swim before dinner. They also had an amazing jacuzzi which we spent about 80% of the time in. The bubbles were aggressive & I could feel them battling away my cellulite!

A swim & a jacuzzi tired us out a little bit so we got dry & headed back up to the hotel room to lay down & watch BGT! For dinner I wore my Warehouse Peplum Top, Topshop Midi Skirt & Chockers Shoes Heels which were a complete bargain at just £15! They're not all that comfortable though because I am much more used to a platform so it feels a bit strange wearing strappy sandals. Half an hour before dinner we went down to the bar to have a cocktail, I ordered a strawberry daiquiri and it was delicious. I could've definitely drunk about 10 of them. I had tomato soup for starter which I didn't photograph - it was lovely but everyone knows what soup looks like? For my main I ordered a steak with hand cut chips, a mushroom & a tomato in a red wine sauce and it was sooo nice! We started eating quite late so as soon as we were finished we headed back up to the room to snuggle down for the night!

Sunday morning saw us jumping out of bed at half past 9 to get down & have breakfast! They had everything you could think of from bacon & eggs to weetabix & fruit! There was a variety of juices & the option of tea or coffee. As you can see I obviously went for a full English & some fried bread, my eyes were definitely bigger than my belly because I couldn't finish it all unfortunately. Soon after breakfast we checked out of the room & headed home - which only took us 2 hours win! 

If you live around the Gloucester area I 100% recommend this hotel & it has just made me want to go to the spa every weekend!

Lots of love,

Friday, 25 April 2014

Bourjois Paris Dark Khol Mascara


I have had this mascara sitting in my make-up bag ready to be reviewed for quite a few months now. Bourjois are one of those brands that I really like but I don't actually buy much of their make-up. This is the second mascara of theirs I have tried and I must admit, there are better mascaras out there...
As you can see, the brush is beyond weird. When I first saw it I just thought how the hell am I meant to put that near my eye? With quite a bit of practice and lots of mascara in the eye jobbies I managed to successfully apply it. The strange looking spoolie grabs every eye lash brilliantly and the bristles on the end of the brush are great for getting the tiny eyelashes you cant quite reach. It is a definitely a buildable mascara - you have to apply a fair few coats to get that voluminous & well lengthened look which is something I aim for on a daily basis.
I think the fact that it is one of those mascaras you have to spend time applying, is what puts me off. I apply my make up very early in the morning so I need something that does its job straight away whilst I am still half asleep. Saying that, I do reach for this mascara more at the weekends when I spend more time doing my make up.

Overall, it is decent & I would recommend it but I do have other mascara favourites. Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

Lots of love,

Monday, 7 April 2014

My Birthday OOTD

Last Saturday I celebrated my 22nd birthday, I really liked my outfit so I thought I would share it with you guys as I don't do too many OOTD and they're actually one of my favourite things to read.

New Look necklace / Topshop crop top / Urban Outfitters skirt / New Look heels

I am in love with this skirt, I love roses (I have roses tattoo) and this skirt was just screaming at me to get it when I first saw it. I decided to pair it with a plain black crop because they're my favourite things to wear with high waisted stuff. The necklace I bought from New Look off one of their concession stands and I just loved the look of the 3 layered chains and knew it would complete my outfit. Lastly my heels are so comfy, they've got a really chunky heel which you cant really see but I literally wear them everytime I go out because I can last all night in these (even with me falling over every 2 mins)!

Lots of love,

March Photo Diary

My 'giving up chocolate for lent' lasted 3 hours! // selfie // Costa catch up with Cat // Love a Boots 3for2 offer // I bought myself a new car!! :) // Wagamamas night with the girls // Me & my boy in o2 VIP lounge before Drake // Drake!! // Me & my boy out for dinner on my birthday // Nails // Birthday OOTD // Afternoon Tea for Mothers Day

Apologies that this is going up a week into April but I have been so busy working lately I have just had no time whatsoever to blog which is annoying! March was a very good month, mainly because my birthday is the 25th :) I basically bought myself a new car for my birthday which I absolutely love driving! I am just waiting to get my log book back & I can put my personalized plates on! I also went to see Drake with my boyfriend and a couple of our friends. It was such an amazing night and we was all very drunk!! I celebrated my birthday last Saturday night with some of my best friends, we went out  in Camden & again I got far too drunk & kept falling over!! Was very fun though :) Last Sunday me & mum went to Bills in Chiswick for Afternoon Tea, you can read all about that here

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Sunday Post: Afternoon Tea

Last weekend for Mothers Day, me and my mum ventured over to Chiswick for Afternoon Tea at Bills. If you know me then you know how much I love Bills. The food is beyond amazing and I just love the decor & weirdness of the whole restaurant. The service isn't all that great because it is always so busy but who cares when the food is delicious? I certainly don't... Anyways, I took a few snaps on my iPhone of our Afternoon Tea and I just thought I would share. If you have never been to a Bills before I 100% recommend! It is by far one of my favourite places to eat! 

 We chose English Breakfast Tea and the pot it came in was ginormous! Lovely tea though.
 We had scones with clotted cream & jam, two pieces of chocolate cake (which was delicious!) and a strange sort of oat & raisin cake which I didn't even try...
 Sandwiches were cream cheese & cucumber, salmon, egg mayonaise & ham & tomato.

It was so lovely. I will be going back there at some point to have it again because it was just too scrumptious to only have once!

Hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day and spoiled your mother, or got spoilt if you are a mother! :)