Friday, 24 May 2013

I'M BACK! - Garnier Moisture Match 24 Hour Hydration Moisturiser Review

Hello! I am finally back after over a week! You may or may not know I moved house so had no internet for the most of it but have also been too busy unpacking to even worry about blogging. However, I am finally BACK and have got a few posts lined up for the coming weeks so stay tuned!
Now a few weeks back I did a review on Nivea's Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin (review here) and I did mention that I had ordered a sample of the NEW Garnier Moisture Match Hydration Moisturiser and that a review would be published shortly so voila...


There are 5 different types of moisturiser that fit all kinds of skin types out there! The Protect & Glow is for normal skin; Start Afresh is for normal to dry skin; Goodbye Dry is for dry to very dry skin; Wake Me Up is for dull skin and Shine Be Gone is for combination to oily skin. All moisturisers have a different texture to suit the specific needs of our skin.

I have never tried any Garnier products before but I liked the whole idea behind these moisturisers; that there was something for everyone. So I thought I would order myself my own little free sample. I was sent the Start Afresh, Goodbye Dry & Wake Me Up samples. I will say now before I get into all this that I haven't tried out the Wake me up moisturiser because I don't think my skin is very "dull" so I'm not sure how it will react on my skin. I did however try the other two and I am very impressed.
I started off with the Goodbye Dry and I was so amazed. Its like a gel texture which I personally feel is better than a cream because I just hate the greasy feel it leaves on your face, plus you have to wait aaages for it to soak in! Containing Camellia oil which is the most penetrative oil it is really moisturising nourishing for your skin. With this gel based moisturiser as soon as I rubbed it on my face it was sunk in and my skin was left literally silky smooth. With no moisturiser on and just a make up remover wipe on my face my skin goes very dry & tight so this moisturiser making my skin feel amazing as soon as I dolloped it on made me uber happy. With having stupidly sensitive skin this was perfect as it is suitable for that - I'm even allergic to Johnson's baby, how ridiculous!

I was next to try the Start Afresh which pleased me and my sensitivity just as much as Goodbye Dry to be honest! I found that this moisturiser was more of a thinner creamy gel but it sunk into my skin just as quick and didn't leave any greasy-ness. I personally feel this is just as good for my dry and sensitive skin than the Goodbye Dry. This moisturiser contains blue lotus extract so is very natural and delicate on the skin which I feel is better on the face than Camellia Oil.

I will definitely be purchasing the full size from Boots or Superdrug where they're on sale for £5.99. (link here) I am not entirely sure on what one I am going to go with. No doubt there will be some sort of 3 for 2 deal going on so maybe I will just have to get both.

Have you tried Garnier's new Moisture Match?
What are your views on it?



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