Saturday, 4 May 2013

Beautiful Bag Alert!!!

Two posts in one day... you lucky, lucky people!
Hold your horses because isn't this just the most amazing bag you've ever seen?! Its from eBay (here) for £18.99 and p&p was £4. After purchasing the bag and going back to the homepage you know they show you similar items to what you've just bought? Well yeah... I saw this same bag, same price, no postage & packaging charge so definitely learnt my lesson there! But I LOVE it.
In person it is more of an off pink-ish colour than a nude but I don't really mind because I just think the skull studs and the skull in the material are just so amazing. Its not too big, not too small, just the right size for me - I am a bit funny about bags and its literally taken me two months to find this. That is how long I have wanted a new bag for and I've literally looked everywhere, but I am so, so happy with this :)
Just thought I would share because I really think I am in love!

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