Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Missguided's Bodysuits & Crop Tops

I have said it once & I'll say it again - Missguided is my favourite online shopping retailer. I think their pieces are affordable, spot on trend and really good quality. They fit nicely and last a good while. I cant bear to think how much of my wages I've actually spent buying things I don't really need from Missguided. I just find they have so many options & choices that you will eventually find what you're looking for! If you are not looking for anything in particular... well, be warned because you will definitely be checking out a new pretty dress quicker than you can realise!
I have decided to put together a "Top 3" of their bodysuits & crop tops because they're pretty much my favourite things to wear. At the moment I love a crop top with anything high waisted and I think bodysuits looks amazing with a pair of denim shorts in summer or on a night out with a pair of wedges.
Wolf Bodysuit - £14.99
I think the wolf bodysuit is amazing, I included a similar looking one in a previous wishlist - I know this would look lovely with some distressed shorts for that summer bbq. However on the website it is referred to as a swimsuit and not a bodysuit so I'm not entirely sure if it is going to have the buttons you know where! I am absolutely in love with the cut out Aztec bodysuit because I think the colours are really summery and I love a cut out, I think they just add that extra something to a plain shaped piece. Obviously you cant see in the picture but the leopard bodysuit is actually really low cut at the back so you would probably have to wear one of those stick on bras! I know its kind of out of fashion now but I am still drawn to anything leopard/zebra/cheetah print - its definitely my favourite.
Onto the crop tops... I love a skull and this embellished crop would look lovely with disco pants or just some high waisted jeans for a more casual look. I definitely wouldn't have picked this grey sweat crop if it wasn't for the weather we're having! Yes its a lovely 18 degrees but there's always a chilly wind so long sleeves are still a must. I love daisies and I just think the pattern gives it that bit of oomph that takes it from a boring grey sweater to a cute crop top. Again, another animal inspired top - I love the monochrome trend so zebra print + crop top = happy jess.
What are your thoughts on my Top picks? Are you a devoted Missguided shopper?

Monday, 24 June 2013

REVIEW - Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara

Here we have Rimmel's newest mascara which I obviously couldn't wait to get my hands on being a massive Rimmel fan! The new Scandaleyes is enhanced with Lycra technology. This makes the lashes look full, lengthened and voluminous without the stiff and brittle feel, which I love!
I'm not the kind of gal who is blessed with long and curling lashes so any mascara I do wear I find it never really lives up to the good reviews. There is only so much mascara you can wear before it starts to make your eyes feel funny. With this new Scandaleyes though I think it may be my new holy grail (after Benefits they're real! mascara).
The brush as you can see in the picture is quite large - its actually Rimmel's biggest brush yet and I did find that it was a little tricky to use at first because I was just getting it all around my eyes instead of actually on my eyelashes! I must admit I do prefer a bigger brush like this one because I feel you can apply it as subtle as you want or build it up with a few layers for a more false lash effect.
 I absolutely love how this isn't a 'wet' mascara though, I hate it when you apply a mascara and you have to wait 10 minutes with your eyes forced open so that it doesn't go all over your eyelid! I've been wearing this everyday now for about 10 days and I definitely love it. One minor criticism though is that I would not recommend wearing it on your bottom lashes - I know some make up brands now do 'bottom lash mascara' but I am obviously a little behind on the bandwagon and I definitely need to purchase one. I found that after a couple of hours after application I had panda eyes so obviously it just doesn't sit well on bottom lashes and somehow rubs off. I do like defined bottom lashes - I know some people don't - so to still achieve that look without looking like a panda I have been using my Benefit mascara on my bottom lashes. The top lashes definitely stay volumised and curled pretty much all day. I wear mascara for about 9/10 hours out of the day and it still looks just as good when I take it off than it did when I first applied it. Overall, very impressed and I reckon I will definitely repurchase! Just for reference in the bottom picture I am wearing three coats.
You can pick this up from any Boots or Superdrug store for £6.99.
Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Photo Diary #5

Went to a restaurant where you cook your own steak on a hot plate!! // my yummy chicken & chips meal because I don't eat steak... // tea, naughty foods & a catch up with my besties // orange gels // baby box of shreddies // Camden with my lovelies // Camden oote // my friends beautiful baby boy <3 // the first time in about 7 years I have had Barbie pink nails // korma cooked by Chloe // my first chimichangas // pina colada & tequila sunrise // nachos for 3 // being a hippie // selfie - red lips & monochrome // because one drink isn't enough! // ring of fire // tres amigos in Cambridge // the perfect hangover cure // goonie snuggled on my lap <3
So this photo diary is a couple of days late I know... but what a good couple of weeks I have had! The first picture shows my boyfriend cooking his own steak! Yes how amazing - it comes out on a hot plate and because he likes his steak rare it pretty much came out blue! By the time he was finished it was well done... but he definitely enjoyed the experience. The restaurant is called Steak & Co. and is situated in Leicester Square. Being a steak house there wasn't much else on the menu, I don't eat steak so I opted for Chicken and a couple of rashers of bacon in a creamy sauce with chips and it was so yummy, I will definitely be making a second visit sometime soon! On Sunday I got back from Cambridge - went there to see two of my friends Chloe & Hannah and had been there since Friday night. When I got back I went straight over to my boyfriends to see him so obviously I didn't blog & I was very hung over! We had a lovely couple of days, I had my first ever Chimichangas and it was delicious! I highly recommend it if you haven't been. The picture of us 3 is the least blurry picture we managed to get which I'm upset about but there is always next time!! We definitely had a good night but were obviously too merry to get a few more pictures...
Hope you have all had a good weekend and are now having a good week! I will try not to be late next time I upload my 6th Photo Diary :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

REVIEW - Ecotools Foam Applicator

Hello again! Two posts in one day - I'm on a roll! Trying to beat up the uninspired person in me and get back to blogging every other day! Ok, onto talking about the weird looking brush above... I have been seeing this "Foam Applicator" in magazines for the past couple of months and I was just really intrigued as to how it would give a flawless finish. Ecotools is a brand sold in Boots, they do all sorts of brushes and things which are super affordable, I picked up one of their foundation brushes a few months back and was actually very unimpressed... but that's a different story! The Ecotools brushes are all recycled and have bamboo handles which are unbelievably smooth. I've only just realised Ecotools have a website so you should definitely have a butchers if you haven't ever heard of them!
Before I was bought this I actually went to see if I could get it in my local boots (which is quite small), they didn't have it so I had to venture out of Borehamwood a bit to pick one up. Last week I went on a little trip with my dad to pick up some perfume for his girlfriend and I noticed this bad boy, I got really excited that I'd finally found it and my dad offered to buy it for me - very happy Jess.
The first time I used this I was actually slightly baffled as to how? Obviously its not the most normal looking brush is it? Its foam for one and secondly its actually quite tricky to hold. The way I use it is to apply little blobs of foundation to my forehead, cheeks & chin. I then use the flat side of the applicator to buff in the foundation in circular motions. I use the pointy tip to go underneath and above my eyes and around my nose. The first time I did all this it looked a little streaky and I did think I (my dad) had wasted money on another Ecotools brush I wouldn't use again. I didn't give up though - I was convinced "practise makes perfect" so there I sat in front of my mirror for a good 10 minutes trying to smooth out my face. Once I'd finished the coverage was actually really good and I was pleased with the result. Obviously I'm not ecstatically over the moon but I do think its a good brush, its just that it takes longer than normal to get your base blended. I have been using it everyday and it is getting easier to use. I do feel like I have to use more foundation than I normally would though because it doesn't really make a little go a long way.
You can pick up this brush in larger Boots stores for £4.99 - I cant actually find it on my Boots website? - or you can order it on the Ecotools website for $5.99 link (obviously shipped from the US)
Have you tried any of the Ecotools brushes? What are your thoughts?
Are you keen to try this Foam Applicator?
Let me know in the comments! :)

REVIEW - Rimmel London BB Cream in Light (SPF 25)

Hello lovelies! Long time no see/speak again but I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine; I definitely have! - I don't know what's wrong with me but like I said in my last post I'm just feeling uninspired at the moment. I have bought a few things lately though including this BB cream so a few more reviews to come!
You may or may not know but I am a massive fan of Rimmel London and I happened to pick this BB (blemish balm) cream up at Bovingdon Market last week I think? I really, really like BB creams because I feel they have a good consistency and the coverage is just as good as my foundation. I got this for £2 which is an absolute BAR-GAIN. This particular BB cream primes, moisturises, hides your pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, brightens, mattifies and protects! Amazing right? As it primes & moisturises and all that malarkey you could probably slap this on without priming or moisturising but me and my unbelievably dry skin I found that it clung to the dry spots and made my face look really streaky & somehow dirty? So if you have stupidly dry skin I would definitely recommend moisturising before just to make your skin that little bit softer. Also, SPF 25 - pretty handy for this lovely weather we've been having! Don't want to end up with a red face now do we? Now, I have been using this on days when I don't feel like making much effort but still want a blemish free face. I use my Rimmel Stay Matte powder over the top just to mattify my face a bit more because I do feel it can be a little shiny especially with a moisturiser underneath. I got this in colour Light because I am obviously quite a pasty person but I think the colour is spot on. Usually when the colour options are just Light, Medium or Dark I always think the colour just doesn't sit well with my skin tone but I have no complaints!
Have you tried Rimmel's BB cream? What are your thoughts?
Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Primark on ASOS.com - Wishlist #5

Primark being sold via ASOS has got to be some sort of dream come true! I don't know about you but when I visit a Primark I am barely in there 10 minutes because it makes me anxious, irritated and just annoyed. The mess is something I cannot deal with and the amount of people hustling past you to try and get their mitts on a £2.50 top is just aggravating. I found out today that Primark has been launched on ASOS and I was so relieved - I couldn't wait to have a peek of what they're selling. It isn't much (20 items) but I have gathered a little wishlist of my favourite bits.. I was paid on Friday but already i'm budgeting after paying out for a few things so maybe these buys will have to wait until next month.
Now, this whole wishlist comes to just over £70. I don't think that's too bad for 6 items. I know Primark clothes aren't all that but I must admit they don't look half bad on these models. Knowing me ill buy a pretty dress and look like a potato! I love wearing crop tops at the moment with high waisted jeans/skirts/shorts so this black with white spots one I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I'm also loving the monochrome trend so instantly I was wishing these dungarees were mine. I used to wear dungarees as a kid (obviously, who didn't?!) and I really want to buy a pair that I can wear now with a crop top underneath & some cute sandals. The dresses I have picked out I just loved the prints of. My favourites are the denim dress & the Aztec cut out skater skirt. I love a cut out on a dress because I think it just adds that something to a simple piece.
Have you seen the new pieces on ASOS? What are your thoughts?

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Photo Diary #4

Ladybug nails // unpacking in my new bedroom // 50% of my clothes hung and looking all tidy // fanta lemon - the best drink for summer // reunited with my pop tarts // new fave; ribena pineapple & passion fruit // night out with clairey // vodka jellyyyyy // baby shower cupcake // what will the baby look like?! // my boyfriend the lizard man // me & mandy! // chicken fajita nachos, nom! // biiig donut // my bargain buys from Bovingdon!
A few more pictures from my last couple of weeks - I find that I don't take enough snaps to make a weekly post but I'm happy for it to be every other Sunday :). Off out for dinner soon just a quick & cheerful post. Hope you're all enjoying this lovely, sunny Sunday!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bargain Buys at Bovingdon!

Hello! So, this morning me & my mum went on a little outing to Bovingdon Market just outside of Hemel Hempstead. We haven't been for a while so thought it would be nice as the "sun has got his hat on" - I dont get that saying? Surely if the sun had his hat on it would be cloudy? hmm.
Anyways, I bought a couple of bits, not much but I thought I would sure because I'm happy with my purchases! 

The leopard print iPad cover was £10 - I have been looking for ages for a new iPad cover because the one I currently have is just really worn and looking horrible. Also spilt some hot chocolate on it, oopsie.
My favourite make up brand is Rimmel London so when I saw their BB cream was just £5 I couldn't say no! I'm not entirely sure how much it is in the shops; I think its around £7 pound so saving a couple of quid! I have been dying to try the Scandeleyes eye shadow sticks. the colour I picked up is Bulletproof Beige and it was only £2! Again, a couple of quid cheaper than in the shops.
I think I will do reviews of both these products because I haven't yet heard anything good or bad about Rimmels BB cream so I am excited to try it. I have heard good things about the scandeleyes though so I know I will not be disappointed.
One of the last stalls at Bovingdon market is my favourite - they have the most amazing donuts, cakes, sweets - everything a sweet tooth like me loves! I couldn't resist buying this beast of a donut!
Covered in hundreds and thousands its literally the biggest donut I've ever seen! But it was yummy and ill definitely buy another one when I go back! If you live in Hertfordshire & you've never been to Bovingdon market I do recommend it, some stalls are a bit trashy but you can get some good bargains!
I realise lately I haven't really been blogging much. I've only been blogging since April but I feel at the beginning it was every few days as opposed to now being once a week if that! I'm not sure why but I'm just feeling really uninspired and I don't want to force myself to blog about something when I know I'm really not in the mood. I have just moved house, well two weeks ago.. but I am settled in now so I don't think that's the problem.
I'd like to know if anyone else has the same problem as me; feeling uninspired & not bothered? How do you overcome it? Let me know in the comments?
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine :)