Thursday, 31 October 2013

September & October Photo Diary

Farewell party to two of my besties who are currently in Australia / leaving meal & drinks with buddies from my old work / celebrating my girls 21st at Piccadilly Institute in London / new hair colour for holiday / nails did for holiday / all ready with my hat on at 5am en route to the airport! / margarita cocktails on holiday / a cool swan / my view for 2 weeks, miss it so much :( / me & my boy <3 / Chinese & wine with friends when we came back from holiday / my boyfriend & his friend as zombie Shaun & ed on Saturday at a Halloween party / me & my girls; a cat, a witch & a vampire / honeycomb cheesecake NOM / loving this Barry M navy nail varnish!

Haven't managed a photo diary since I've been back from holiday so here is a mix of all my favourite pics from the month of September & October. Not a lot has happened because I was on holiday at the end of September through to the beginning of October. (you can see all my holiday pictures here)  

The September & October Round-up!

Happy Halloween guys! Today I bring you a round up of posts not only from this month, but also September aswell! I was on holiday towards the end of September so I am combining the two. Click on the post title to be taken to the original post. 





And from October...





Monday, 28 October 2013

Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Red Diva (024)

Excuse my wonky lips but how lovely is this red lip liner. Its a proper cherry red & the picture above shows only the lip liner on my lips. Its so easy to apply with the lip liner being twisted out of the bullet as you go. It is quite matte so I think may be quite drying but nothing a slick of lip balm won't fix. I actually wore this under my lipstick on Saturday night and I didn't have to top up at any point... mainly because I was quite intoxicated so forgot but when I actually checked at the end of the night my lips were still perfectly red! I'm very satisfied with this & I think I may look to see if they have any other nice colours. 

I picked this up from Boots for £3.99.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Sunday Post: A Halloween Party

I know its not Halloween till Monday but I've seen Halloween posts popping up left, right & center so I decided to share my pictures with you from last night. I went to a party for one of my friends birthdays and as its near Halloween it was a fancy dress party! Everyone loves a bit of fancy dress so without further ado...

 I was a witch... how original :)
 witch & a vamp

 can't go to a party & not have vodka jelly...
 zombie shaun & edd!
 a cat & Charlie Chaplin
 the joker with a mental patient who is actually Cat from What Cat Says
 me & my zombie boyfriend!
 Cat the mental patient!
 the hostesses... Mia & Chuckie

 I seem to have changed into a werewolf...
 The cat & vampire taking snaps on my phone!
 The ladies <3
 a witch's cat

Sorry for the poor quality but my camera decided to play dead so I had to use my phone to take pictures. I think I got some good ones though!


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Just a quick update...

I have been feeling very disconnected from my original URL that was jessicullxo so I have decided to change it slightly to jesslovesxo. I know its not much different but I just wanted to ditch the 'icull' ! I changed it briefly last week but wasn't happy but I am sure this new URL is here too stay. :)

Nails Inc in Piccadilly Circus

After going through a bit of a 'naked nails' phase I decided I wanted raspberry red nails! I didn't think I had any polish's this colour but I decided to root around in my stash and I found this little bottle of Nails Inc goodness, never used before & I'm in love. Its the perfect red for autumn; maybe a little bit pink, but lovely nonetheless. Now, I'm not sure if I actually purchased this from Nails Inc or I got it as a freebie in a magazine but its the first Nails Inc polish I've ever used... and I must say I am very impressed. It was pretty much opaque with one coat but I applied a second coat to be on the safe side! The picture is without a top coat because I was too impatient to wait for my nails to dry before I snapped a pic! I think this could be a staple colour for Autumn... ps. excuse my stupidly wrinkly hands!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wishlist #7

Today I was wondering when was the last time I put together a proper wishlist and I figured out it was back in July?! How crazy is that? I've been proper skint lately what with coming back from an amazing holiday and transferring jobs so not getting paid for like, 6 weeks! However, I have been lusting after quite a few items so I've put together a little wishlist as I thought it was about time (obviously)!!

I don't know what it is about onesie's (I currently have 5...) but I just cant get enough; they're so comfy and you can get some really cool printed ones. I currently don't have anything tartan but I love the print & always have done. I really want a tartan scarf but have failed to find one as of yet so I guess a crop top will have to do, its OK because I love crop tops just as much as I love onesies! This Barry M nail paint colour is 'Red Wine' and its just so perfect for autumn, I've gone through a bit of a stage of not wearing anything too bright on my nails but I'm hoping this changes soon as I love this colour; its just a perfect plum red. I love a statement t-shirt like this and obviously its Halloween soon so I couldn't resist?! Ive said it before but I LOVE leopard print and this jumper from Topshop looks so fluffy and cosy... I need it! I've seen these cut out buckled ankle boots from New Look before on another blog and they were actually being compared to the Jeffrey Campbells (I think...) and they're literally identical?! There is no difference whatsoever and I have been dreaming about them ever since. One beauty product I have seen pop up a couple of times over the last week is the Sleek true colour lipsticks. This shade is in 'Exxxagerate' and I was just attracted to the bright purple shade. I generally suit darker shades, I guess because I'm so pale and I think the swatch of this may actually be slightly darker than in the bullet and for a fiver you can't complain!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bill's & Westfield

On Saturday (I know this is a few days late I do apologize..) me & mum decided to venture to Chiswick to go to the new restaurant opening of Bill's on Chiswick High Road. I got back from my holiday last Tuesday morning so we decided to spend Saturday together for some "mum & daughter" time because as soon as I had come home from holiday I was straight into my new job so the weekend was the first chance we could properly catch up! It was Saturday afternoon so it was quite busy, we had to wait half an hour for our table but I don't think that's as awful as some places considering Bill's had been open for only one week.


I will say it now... if you have never been to a Bill's before you need to go because the food is amazing! Its a very quirky restaurant and has some random decor but its a really good atmosphere and the staff are so friendly. I opted for the fish finger sandwich with skinny fries and oh my god it was the best fish finger sandwich I have ever had. The fish was actual pieces of cod in batter and the fries were really crispy. To drink I had a chocolate brownie milkshake which was incredible! It tasted exactly like a chocolate brownie and it took A LOT of will power to not down it all in one go as soon as I was given it! Mum opted for the Bill's hamburger with bacon and said it was very tasty; a proper burger! It might have to be my order for when I go back next time...


We then took a little de-tour on the way home into Westfield's which is my favourite place ever! We went to a little coffee/crepe restaurant just off of the food court and opposite Monsoon - its called Crepe Affaire and it is one of my favourite places to eat at whenever I am in Westfield. They usually only do Crepe's and some other cakes & coffee's etc but they had a new menu with waffles on! So, obviously I got the waffle covered with the most chocolate ever. If you've never eaten at Crepe Affaire you are missing out. Unfortunately, I couldnt finished all my waffle as I was still majorly full from Bill's but it was a nice little pudding to end a good day!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Yesterday morning I arrived home from the loveliest holiday ever with my boyfriend, Scott. I am super super jet lagged right now so normal blogging will commence in a few days! If you're reading this congratulations because that's a lot of pictures up there! I just wanted to include some of my favorites from holiday. My best bits include swimming with the dolphins photographed and visiting Paradise Island - a sand bank in the middle of the ocean which you can sunbathe on or snorkel around! We both snorkeled round and it was such a good day; the tropical fish were unbelievable! We were very sad to come home but I definitely missed my bed; which I will be going to shortly. So for now I will say goodbye. Adios amigos!