Monday, 27 May 2013

OOTN 25.5.13

Couple of days late but I have had such a busy bank holiday! Saturday morning/afternoon I admit I didn't do much but I went out on Saturday night with my friend from work; we went to st albans and I will be talking about my outfit further down! I woke up Sunday feeling as rough as anything and had one of my friends baby shower to be at! I didn't properly get out of bed till quarter to 12 so had to rush home and get ready - turned out to only be 10 minutes late, woop! The baby shower was such good fun and it was the first time I had ever been to one, but I had a really good time. We played a few games, ate ALOT of food (I was still full up by the time I got into bed at midnight!), and watched the mummy to be open all her gifts! It was such an emotional day but I did well to hold the tears in haha! After the baby shower a few of us decided to meet our semi-drunk boyfriends at the pub! Me being hung over stayed sensible and didn't drink as not only was I suffering from a pounding headache I was so full up cos I'd eaten twice my body weight in food... Anyways I think we stayed at the pub till about 8pm and we then went back to one of my other friends house and watched tele, everyone carried on drinking but me and we played with her pet lizards Spike & Mandy! It was a really enjoyable evening and it was a nice way to spend a Sunday.
Onto my Saturday outfit!:
White lace crop top - Topshop
High waisted black Joni jeans - Topshop
Red Lace-up wedges -
Watch - GC
Rings - Topshop
I'm sorry but I've got a go out after I post this so I haven't got the time to find the items online haha! I was really happy with my choice of outfit although by the end of the night my feet were ready to drop off! These Joni jeans are my second pair because the pair I had actually turned out to be faulty, they had white stitching showing at the sides & there was a great big pull across my thigh so I exchanged them for another pair. These ones I'm wearing in the picture actually have more of a legging feel than a denim feel - its almost like they've reworked the whole jean because I know the original Joni jeans have had a few faults with them. I also had to go a size down because they're so unbelievably stretchy and are just so figure hugging I didn't even bother trying on the size 10 (which I am normally).
Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend :)
Have a good week.

Friday, 24 May 2013

I'M BACK! - Garnier Moisture Match 24 Hour Hydration Moisturiser Review

Hello! I am finally back after over a week! You may or may not know I moved house so had no internet for the most of it but have also been too busy unpacking to even worry about blogging. However, I am finally BACK and have got a few posts lined up for the coming weeks so stay tuned!
Now a few weeks back I did a review on Nivea's Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin (review here) and I did mention that I had ordered a sample of the NEW Garnier Moisture Match Hydration Moisturiser and that a review would be published shortly so voila...


There are 5 different types of moisturiser that fit all kinds of skin types out there! The Protect & Glow is for normal skin; Start Afresh is for normal to dry skin; Goodbye Dry is for dry to very dry skin; Wake Me Up is for dull skin and Shine Be Gone is for combination to oily skin. All moisturisers have a different texture to suit the specific needs of our skin.

I have never tried any Garnier products before but I liked the whole idea behind these moisturisers; that there was something for everyone. So I thought I would order myself my own little free sample. I was sent the Start Afresh, Goodbye Dry & Wake Me Up samples. I will say now before I get into all this that I haven't tried out the Wake me up moisturiser because I don't think my skin is very "dull" so I'm not sure how it will react on my skin. I did however try the other two and I am very impressed.
I started off with the Goodbye Dry and I was so amazed. Its like a gel texture which I personally feel is better than a cream because I just hate the greasy feel it leaves on your face, plus you have to wait aaages for it to soak in! Containing Camellia oil which is the most penetrative oil it is really moisturising nourishing for your skin. With this gel based moisturiser as soon as I rubbed it on my face it was sunk in and my skin was left literally silky smooth. With no moisturiser on and just a make up remover wipe on my face my skin goes very dry & tight so this moisturiser making my skin feel amazing as soon as I dolloped it on made me uber happy. With having stupidly sensitive skin this was perfect as it is suitable for that - I'm even allergic to Johnson's baby, how ridiculous!

I was next to try the Start Afresh which pleased me and my sensitivity just as much as Goodbye Dry to be honest! I found that this moisturiser was more of a thinner creamy gel but it sunk into my skin just as quick and didn't leave any greasy-ness. I personally feel this is just as good for my dry and sensitive skin than the Goodbye Dry. This moisturiser contains blue lotus extract so is very natural and delicate on the skin which I feel is better on the face than Camellia Oil.

I will definitely be purchasing the full size from Boots or Superdrug where they're on sale for £5.99. (link here) I am not entirely sure on what one I am going to go with. No doubt there will be some sort of 3 for 2 deal going on so maybe I will just have to get both.

Have you tried Garnier's new Moisture Match?
What are your views on it?



Wednesday, 15 May 2013

LIFE UPDATE - Moving house, Giving up the 30 Day Squat Challenge

image - Google
Sooo, I haven't really blogged much this week. Mainly because I am starting to move house tomorrow, I get to pick up the keys in the morning and I can start moving boxes and bits and bobs before we get the van on Friday to move beds & furniture; so I have been packing all my stuff up. I will only be one day without internet so I guess that's not a massive problem. However, you may or may not have noticed I didn't post about my third rest day with the 30 day squat challenge... I kind of gave up haha I know, how surprising! I last did the 100 squats and it literally killed my legs I couldn't walk properly for two days so obviously I couldn't carry on with the squats if I could barely walk?! I may or may not decided to start it up again because I do feel that it was starting to tone my legs and bum!

Anyways, I will get back to packing - I do have a few blog posts lined up but obviously they wont be up until at least next week! Thanks for reading :) Have a good week/end whatever you do.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Would You Rather? The Beauty Edition...

Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?
I would definitely have to say lose my palettes & eyeshadows. I don't have many to be honest so quite an easy decision! As much as I like experimenting with eyeshadows; the colours & different smoky eye effects I easily depend on eyeliner & mascara more and its what I wear on a daily basis more than an eyeshadow.
Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
Eeek neither sound very pleasant! I think I'm going to go with chop off all my hair because at least then you could wear extensions and it would eventually grow back? If you were never able to cut it again the split ends would be insane!!
Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
Definitely a coral cheek! I don't think pink really suits me especially now seeing as my hair is red. A coral cheek is more natural whilst just adding a bit of definition. I love the natural collection blushers - cheap and cheerful!

If you had £1000 to spend, Would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
My money usually goes on more clothes than beauty products so im going to say makeup! It would be nice to just buy everything I have read good reviews on and stuff that I have just been lusting after for ages! I have enough clothes to dress me and 12 million others so to pick makeup and just be able to spend would be amaziiiinnnggggg.
Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
I'm getting strange images in my head from this question, I'm not sure how lipstick as eyeliner would even work?! I'm going to go with eyeliner as lipstick because you could choose a golden nude or plum colour and just work with it? Applying lipstick as eyeliner... the thought is freaking me out!!

Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?
This was clearly started in the US as we don't have a Sephora but if we did I would choose Sephora as they have so much variety! Believe it or not I haven't ever tried any MAC products... I will get round to it but I think its a little on the expensive side. Also, only ever going there and buying only MAC products would surely get annoying?
Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?
I am going to go with a lip colour. I tend to only stick to reds anyways; im not one to experiment lots with my lips as I know reds suit me better than pinks, plums & corals. Also, I don't generally wear eyeshadow everyday so would be easier for me to just stick with a red lip and work my eye look around that.

Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
OMG this is probably the hardest ever! Think I am going to go with winter clothes in Summer because the UK barely even has a summer anyways? It lasts about 3 days and then its cold/cloudy/raining/thunder storming again!

Would you rather dark nails or bright nails all year round?
At the moment I am absolutely loving the pastel colours but darker colours definitely suit me better. Up until a few days ago I did have lilac nails but once the sun took his hat off my nails were painted black! I don't actually like wearing pink colours on my nails anyways; I don't think they suit me. so would definitely have to be dark colours! 

Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?
Definitely lip product because I don't wear anything on my lips 95% of the time. I would not be able to live without my felt tip eyeliner or my volumising mascara!

 Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?
I would rather wear my hair in a pony tail because I personally think its a nicer hairstyle than a messy bun. I can never get a messy bun right as my hair is quite thin even once I have backcombed and hair sprayed to the max; ponytail it is.

Would your rather never being able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?
I would have to say never use lipgloss because I'm not really a lipgloss fan as it is and my nails look horrific without varnish! Toenails without varnish on as well is just a nightmare in my eyes!!
Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all? or sharpie them in everyday?
I must admit I have had some eyebrow disasters in the past where I have over used my eyebrow pencil but can u imagine yourself with no eyebrows? Its just weird, theyre like a frame for your face and without them I think I would just look scary haha! I'm sure I could make a sharpie work for my eyebrows so yes, I would definitely sharpie them in!

Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
I would rather live without nail polish even though I LOVE having a good manicure and having my shellac done I hate going outside without make up. Not because I'm vain but because it just makes me feel that little bit more confident & my skin has some redness & spots and I wouldn't want that on display everyday.

Thank you for reading! I have seen tags like this before and always wanted to do it myself, let me know in the comments if you decide to do this also as I would love to see what you would choose! Credit to Kayleigh over at Couture Girl where I nicked this from! :)

Photo Diary #3

Haven't done one of these in a few weeks so here is some pictures of my life from the past 2-3 weeks!

Chinese takeaway for one please // finally got my mitts on some lucky charms (and I didn't even like them, doh!) // lilac shellac // casual bottle of wine before night out with work buddies // Iron man 3!! // selfie // fishy pedicure in Camden // new favourite mascara <3 // new top // wagamamas with work buddies // casual Monday night drink with work buddies // spotty monochrome nails // Chinese takeaway for 6 // Jessica & Scott // my tub of popcorn... yes, tub! and m&m's nom!
First time I created a photo diary I said I would do one every Sunday but the past couple of Sundays I just haven't got round to it/didn't have enough decent pictures... so, maybe ill start turning it into a fortnightly post so I can show more pictures at once! I love looking at photo diary's so if they're something that YOU also do let me know?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

30 Day Squat Challenge - Rest Day #2

Helloooo rest day number two! (day 8) I definitely didn't do the last three days properly... oops. I do feel that the squats are getting easier though. On Sunday I went into London with my mum so when I got back I was massively exhausted and only managed 40 squats because my legs were already aching from all the walking! On day 6 (Monday) I genuinely forgot to do the 75 squats... BUT, yesterday I did 80 squats and a few more to make up for Sunday & Monday. Think I did 100.
So yeah, not much to say except I kinda messed up, I think the bank holiday just made me forget about the whole thing until the last minute... definitely going to get back into it tomorrow.
I WILL have a toned behind. I will, I will...

Benefits They're Real Mascara Review

After finally getting my hands on Benefits They're Real Mascara I am super happy & impressed! It is probably the best mascara I've ever used. Before this I had never used any Benefits products but I've heard how good & long lasting they are. I have literally had my eye on this mascara for months; every time I took a little trip to boots and saw it in the queue I contemplated just buying it so many times but £9.50 for a mascara that's the size of my pinky finger I think just isn't justifiable. When I found out that Elle magazine was giving it away as a freebie (well... £4) it was my mission to find a copy! I did on Saturday & it felt like all my Christmases had come at once!
I must admit I don't really rate rubber/plastic mascara brushes but this is one exception. I find they don't really do the job and don't volumise as much as brushes that aren't rubber... I'm not exactly sure what the bristles on the end of the brush are for, I'm guessing bottom lashes and that's what I've been using them for. They do a good job of not looking too clumpy and spider-like. The picture above shows two coats which is fewer than any other mascara I wear. On the first coat volume & length is instantly added. I have found that the mascara isn't very curling which is where an eyelash curler would come in handy. Can I find my one anywhere? No... so I am yet to invest in a new one to see just how much curl I can get.
Overall, very impressed with They're Real Mascara. I will be very sad when its empty & I have to re-purchase because, lets face it... its not exactly cheap!
Have you tried Benefits They're Real Mascara? What are your thoughts?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Bedroom - Wishlist #4

I am soon to be moving house and over the last few days have been lusting over some new bits I wish to buy for my new bedroom! There's quite a few so I decided to put together a little wishlist.
Decorative Photo Frames £5 each
In my new bedroom I have a couple of shelves up and I know two or three of these photo frames will look really nice with some lovely pictures in. I love the shape & design of them, I think they're really arty and a bit vintage looking.
I have a lot of "bits and bobs" (crap) so I know a couple of these boxes under my bed will really make amazing storage! Maybe for my ridiculous amount of shoes, or something random like belts & books?
Chest of 6 Drawers £85 IKEA.
This colour wood matches my bed perfectly - so obviously they're a must have! My new bedroom has built in wardrobe space and my current wardrobe is falling apart so its worked out perfectly? I just think a chest of drawers like this would complete my clothing storage.
Rug £9 IKEA.
OMG I love this rug! The print, the colours, the shape, everything! And £9? What a bargain!
 Female Floral Mannequin £28
The p&p for this is almost as much as the actual cost but omg I love it. I've wanted one for absolutely ages just for decoration or hanging my necklaces on. I love the floral print on this one and I even know where I'm going to stand her in my new bedroom!
I featured a make up organizer like this in my last wishlist. I'm holding off getting one for now obviously because I am moving soon and it would seem silly to organise my make up and then pack it up? I love the size of this one and the drawers underneath would be perfect for my many mascaras that I don't ever throw away! (Not sure on the price because you can buy this as one piece or two separate pieces... I think its around £15.)
Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday! :)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Beautiful Bag Alert!!!

Two posts in one day... you lucky, lucky people!
Hold your horses because isn't this just the most amazing bag you've ever seen?! Its from eBay (here) for £18.99 and p&p was £4. After purchasing the bag and going back to the homepage you know they show you similar items to what you've just bought? Well yeah... I saw this same bag, same price, no postage & packaging charge so definitely learnt my lesson there! But I LOVE it.
In person it is more of an off pink-ish colour than a nude but I don't really mind because I just think the skull studs and the skull in the material are just so amazing. Its not too big, not too small, just the right size for me - I am a bit funny about bags and its literally taken me two months to find this. That is how long I have wanted a new bag for and I've literally looked everywhere, but I am so, so happy with this :)
Just thought I would share because I really think I am in love!

30 Day Squat Challenge - Rest Day #1

Thank the lord baby Jesus for this rest day! As you can see above, how many squats I do each day - today is Day 4 so I have completed my 50, 55 & 60 squats, woohoo! On Day 1 I thought I was genuinely going to pass out... I think I got to about 15 squats and thought omg how am I going do this?! But I soldiered through! In the morning of Day 2 I woke up with such bad muscle ache in my thighs I could barely walk but I somehow cracked on with my 55! Day 3 seemed to be relatively easier; I had to do 40 squats and take a few minutes as my legs were killing so bad! I then did my last 20 squats.
I'm definitely not looking forward to tomorrow - Sunday is a day of rest but oh no... apparently not when squats are involved! I will do my 70 squats, just not sure when... Hopefully next rest day will see me dealing with this whole situation a bit better.
Definitely too many ellipses in this post...
Thanks for reading!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Nivea Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream for Dry & Sensitive Skin Review!

Whoa excuse the long title! I suffer from extremely dry & sensitive skin - I cant even wear face masks because I feel like they're just burning my face off! I don't even religiously moisturise or cleanse my skin... until now! Just lately my skin has gone so dry & flakey I thought I need to do something about it! Its obviously to do with the fact I only ever use make up remover wipes and we all know how rubbish they are at moisturising!
So a couple of Sundays ago on a spontaneous trip to St. Albans with my mum I decided I would have a little look in Boots to see if I could find anything to cure my dryness! We was wondering around for ages & I was thinking about trying some of the more expensive products which I've read good reviews about but I just didn't know how they would react to my strange skin. I love Nivea products, I just think they're really affordable and they just feel amazing on my skin.
Before buying this moisturiser the last time I properly moisturised & took care of my skin was probably a good six months ago! Now I have actually got a sample of the new Garnier Moisture Match cream coming so will also be doing a review/comparison in a couple of weeks! So anyways... I have been applying this twice a day for the last two weeks and I have to say I can't really notice a change... I've still got some dry patches especially on my forehead and nose but it doesn't seem to be as flakey as it was before. I generally just apply this all over my face, more so on my forehead and nose, I wait till its soaked in then I either apply my BB cream (which is Superdrugs own!) with a powder over the top or I apply my foundation (Rimmel Stay Matte) and the Rimmel Stay Matte powder to set my foundation. My make up does seem to go on a lot easier now I am using this, whereas before it would definitely get stuck on the dry patches. I am glad I bought this and I will continue to use this as my primary moisturiser because I just love the consistency of it. It's not too much of a thick moisturiser and you really only have to use a tiny bit. The fact that its in a jar and not a dispenser bottle or squeezy tube (wrong terminology I know?) does mean it is a bit unhygienic so I have been making sure to wash my hands before and after applying it.
What do you think of Nivea? What is your number one moisturiser to use? Let me know :)