Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New month... New me...

I'm not one to exercise or eat healthily but when I heard about the '30 Day Squat Challenge' I was a bit intrigued. A couple of my friends have already done it and said how easier it gets each day (not convinced). My boyfriend suggested to me the other day that its nearly May so why don't I start it on the 1st of May? Brilliant idea - hopefully I'll have a nice perky toned behind by the beginning of June!
Anyways, here is the amount of squats you have to do each day. Starting off with 50 kind of scares me a little bit... I can't even run up the stairs without feeling out of breath!
I think I'm going to do a little update every 'rest day' just for my own benefit to see how I get on but will be good to share and find out if there is any one else out there doing something like this. Wish me luck! Squatting starts tomorrow, eek!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wishlist #3

Just a couple of things I have been lusting over the past week or so!
Tiger Print Bodysuit £19.99 Missguided
I have been wanting this bodysuit ever since I saw it on Missguideds Instagram where it was being modelled on in Barcelona! Its so cool and edgy and I think it will just look amazing teamed with a pair of high waisted denim shorts. I NEED IT.
Leopard Face Bandeau £10 Topshop
Another animal print item.. I am obsessed! I just love the lions face on this and 'm not quite sure what I would wear with it except maybe underneath quite a see through white tee?
These jeggings are identical to the Joni jeans but in a jegging form and I would be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by them.. I love anything high waisted, I think its just so flattering and so easy to wear.
Strappy Cami £18 Topshop
I have this cami in black and I love it. Its so versatile; you can literally wear it with anything and I just fell in love with this colour when I saw it.
iPhone4 Dreamcatcher Case £10.50 Etsy.co.uk
I have been wanting a new phone case for a while now. At the moment I just have a purple silicone one & im really bored of it.. If you know me then you know I love a dreamcatcher! I have a tattoo of one and I've got about three in my room! So obviously I saw this and fell in love! Just not sure I can justify spending £10 on a case for my phone? Hmmm
Cosmetics Organizer £26 Ebay.co.uk
I am soon to be moving house and I've been looking at getting one of these make up storage boxes for a while - I'm sure Ikea have something cheaper but I just like this one, it seems to be the perfect size. I don't have a massive make up collection but I do have enough and its long over due to be organised!
Peep Toe Platform Suede Heels £39.99 Missguided
Literally only saw these about 3 days ago but I AM IN LOVE. They are so adorable and I love how chunky they are!
Since my last wishlist I am still in need of a new bag! I love a bit of suede and its studded aswell?! Someone buy this for me, pretty please? :)
Comic Print Midi Skirt £10.99 Missguided
I fell in love with the print on this skirt as soon as I saw it; I think I may have to just buy it actually... I don't have anything midi & I'm not sure if it even suits me but I've seen other people wear a midi dress/skirt and I think it looks so nice & is so flattering! Also, for £11 can't really go wrong?!
Unfortunately this shirt is not in my size *cries* but I'm tempted to just get the M/L and tell people its meant to be huge? Hmm not sure... I just love it, monochrome is a big trend this S/S and I don't have any blouses like this in my wardrobe so I'm thinking of it as a lasting piece? No?
What are some things you've been lusting over the past couple of weeks? Any recommendations on some other make up storage organizers?

Monday, 22 April 2013

My Everyday Make-up Look

My favourite part of the day is definitely applying make-up. I especially enjoy it when I've got new products to try or if I'm going out for the night and I can spend an hour or so deciding on how I want my face to look! However, my everyday look is kind of basic & boring... it roughly takes me no longer than 10 minutes.
Nivea Pure & Natural Day Moisturiser for Dry & Sensitive Skin.
Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation in True Ivory (103)
17 Va Va Voom Waterproof Volume Mascara
MUA Brush on Concealer Pen in Light
MUA Shimmer Kisses Blush
Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Peach Glow (003)
I literally only bought this moisturiser yesterday but I am going to make very good use of it because my skin is so dry and horrible at the moment (review coming soon!). Before I bought this I must admit I would just clean my face with a make up remover wipe and then slap on the ol' foundation again, very bad I know! I guess that's probably why my skin is in such a bad way but hopefully its now on the mend so yay! Don't really need to talk about foundation & powder because everyone knows how amazing the Rimmel Matte collecton is and I am another person who swears by it! This 17 Mascara gives amazing volume & length and its just my favourite! I have recently converted to Felt Tip Liners because I just think they are so, so easy to use! I have 3 now (the one above, the L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster and the BarryM Wink Black Marker) and I love using all of them. They do the same job as the liquid or gel eyeliners but I just find they're so much quicker & easier to use. I'm not a pro at eyeliner but I do feel that my eyes look weird when I don't wear it so the felt tip liners are a definite must-have.
Do you use any of these products for your daily look? Or are there some other bits out there that you would recommend? What do you also think of the felt tip liners?

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Photo Diary #2

Pop tarts with milk are the best breakfast choice // think I overdid it on the cheese? // Top Golf with Scott, Marc, Aimee & Dave // selfie // costa date with mum // crap food night with girlies from work // ready to shop in St. Albans // Prezzo with mum // new jewellery from New Look ( in LOVE with this necklace!)
Hope you've all had a fab weekend and are enjoying your Sunday :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

OOTD 18.4.13

Another all in black outfit post.. its boring I know but I have to wear black for work, maybe ill try get a weekend outfit post done at some point, because I hardly ever wear black when I'm not working!
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: New Look
Watch: GC
Cardigan: New Look (about 4 years ago!)
Belt: off a dress from New Look, bought about 2 years ago.
I love this Miss Selfridge dress. Its such a nice material and I think it will look amazing in summer time with some neon sandals and a denim jacket or kimono type cardigan slung round the shoulders. I got this as part of my uniform at work - having to wear black clothes, we get a beautiful 60% discount on them! So this £19 dress came to £7.60! Absolute BAR-GAIN! Its so easy to dress up or down, obviously as you can see for work I just threw on a statement necklace and a black skinny belt to break it up a tad. I cannot wait to wear this again when hopefully the weather gets a bit nicer, in a pub garden... or if I manage to get a last minute holiday booked!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Boohoo fashion...

I have not bought anything from Boohoo since I was at least 17 so its been a while! Anyways, I thought I would have a bit of a window shop and see what's going on and I definitely regret it (not really) because I am thinking "ooh I can buy this stuff when I get paid" which I know I won't... any who I've put together a little wish list and I thought I would share!
At first glance, you may think "it looks a bit bottom heavy".. I see it, its just I'm finding myself drawn to pretty trousers/skirts/shorts at the moment and I don't know why?!
Zebra Print Midi Dress £15
Neon Pink Crop Knit Jumper £12
Black Creepers £25
Ikat Print Skirt £8 (?!?)
Leopard Print Shorts with Belt £15
Tan Satchel Bag £30
Purple Midi Skirt £8 (WOW)
Tribal Statement Necklace £10
These items are all so on trend with SS13 (except maybe the leopard print but I just couldn't resist!) with monochrome, neon & cropped in one!? What more could you want, seriously? I love the print on the Ikat print skirt, I think it would be perfect for a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon shopping or at the pub teamed with a plain white tee (or crop...) and a denim jacket over the top! I am in dire need of a new handbag and I just love this satchel, I love a small strap that can be placed over the wrist and it doesn't look too big either - probably going to find myself purchasing that one when I get paid! As for the midi skirt I just love the colour and the shape of the tribal necklace I just fell in love with. Lastly, the creepers, I know they're a little "last season" but I bought a cheap pair and they just fell apart in two minutes so I've been looking at buying a decent pair for ages and these seem perfect! I realise I haven't mentioned the midi dress but I don't need to, its midi, its monochrome, its amazing and I love it :)

John Frieda Review!

As much as the title says 'review' its not really a review... just me telling you about how I use the shampoo & conditioner, and hopefully getting some advice from fellow John Frieda users.
I have recently died my hair red so obviously I need to maintain it! Originally I wanted my hair much brighter than how it actually turned out but my hair just didn't strip enough so the red didn't take properly (very long & boring story so I'm not going to go into detail)! Anyways I went back to the hairdressers last Saturday & had a red toner put on my hair to see if that would brighten it up a bit... it did until I washed it and it seemed to just fade out!
I just wanted to write this to find if there was anyone else out there that has the same problem as me? Since I've had my hair died I have been using the John Frieda Radiant Red Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner (above). I'm not sure whether you're meant to use it all the time but I roughly wash my hair every 3 days so I guess its not really that much? I shampoo it twice and leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, I cant really say I can see much "enhancing" going on but I have had a couple of people say my hair is starting to look a little more redder.

Going completely off subject but I love this product! Its basically the Lee Stafford version of Moroccan Oil which helps to keep hair silky & oily. Obviously with stripping my hair and then having it died red it could've been prone to really dry out. My hairdresser recommended I use the Moroccan Oil but my mum ended up buying me this instead and its amazing. You can see its quite small but this was £12 (eek) but it really works. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy, which you think it would because its oil based, it leaves it shiny and feeling extremely soft. The only problem I have is that when I do use it I tend to get a bit of static after I've dried & styled my hair but nothing some hairspray can't fix!
Is there anyone out there that uses anything different to maintain their red hair? I would love to know because at the moment I'm just relying on good old John! Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Photo Diary #1

Celebrated a friends birthday // went to TGI's & had fajitas (nom!) // selfie // drank tea out of my new mug // had my nails done // finally started eating one of my birthday presents // fell back in love with Branston pickle // saw a double rainbow // costa date with mumma 
Just a few pics from my past week, not very exciting I admit but I like this photo diary idea so maybe it may get more interesting each week :)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

OOTN 12.04.13

Last night, me & my boyfriend went to Frankie & Benny's for a lovely catch up with four other friends of ours. It was a lovely night & I just thought I would share my outfit and a couple of other pictures taken!
My nails are Azure Wish in Shellac. Its such an amazing pastel blue colour, perfect for spring! Plus, up close its got some shimmer in it and I love a bit of sparkle...
My grey "Grandad" Cardigan is from New Look about two years ago... My Aztec print dress is topshop and I'm wearing plain black leggings, which you can't really see, which are also from New Look! On my feet I wore my topshop tassel slippers which you can find here.
The meal was amazing and it was such a good night for us to catch up with our friends who we hadn't seen for a couple of weeks!

Friday, 12 April 2013

MUA Volume Mascara Review

So, when I found myself browsing on the Make-Up Academy website & realised they had a huge sale... I just couldn't resist! I've never used any MUA products before but I've read & heard good things so I thought why not?! Here is what I bought and all for £18 (not bad)!
So I got a couple of eyeshadow palettes (the undress me eye palette is my new fave!), a couple of lipglosses & a lip tint/balm, a blusher, an eyeshadow blending brush which I am yet to use, a concealer stick which I love! Lastly, the new Mega Volume mascara & the new Extreme Volume Mascara. I'm not sure as to why I bought two volumising mascaras but hey ho!
Firstly, the Mega Volume mascara is very disappointing. It says on the mascara that it "dramatically thickens lashes with each stroke for mega volume". I can assure you that it does the complete opposite. I must admit, I am more of a length person but this mascara just does neither. I had to apply 5 coats for it to even look like I was wearing ANY mascara. I don't mean to be so negative but that's just my experience!
I don't know if you can really see in the picture below but the brush is rubber, which I think may be the problem because I just don't like plastic/rubber bristles! I feel that they just don't work as well as well as a thicker bristled brush.
As for the Extreme Volume Mascara... LOVE IT! It volumises (is that a word? lol) & lengthens and everything you would want in a mascara!
You can see in the picture that the brush is much thicker, I know that usually isn't meant to mean its going to be the best mascara in the world but I can assure you this really is... I will definitely be re-purchasing this mascara when this one sadly is no more. It says on the side of the mascara "magnifies lashes for a spectacular false lash effect". I do like to wear false lashes, however knowing that this mascara is definitely on par with wearing false lashes I may jus opt for a few coats of this next time I think of whacking on some falsies!
Also, a little experiment I tried... when I was testing out the Mega Volume and was very sad it wasn't very good, I thought hmm I wonder what the two mascaras will look like together? So over the top I applied a couple of coats of the Extreme Volume. Now, if MUA made a mascara like that I have no doubt it would fly off the shelves! Major volume, major length, amazing definition. Just, perfect.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition 2013!

Travel Supermarket are holding a competition for fashion bloggers to put together a choice of 5 outfits for 5 different destinations! When I heard about this and saw the other posts on other blogs I just knew I wanted to get involved. There is a budget of £200 and the activities & destinations include:
  • Sightseeing in Paris
  • Clubbing in Ibiza
  • Shopping in London
  • Cocktails in New York
  • partying at a Full Moon Party in Thailand
Judges will pick a destination winner based on the look that has been created! Each winner will win a trip to the destination & £200 to buy the outfit! You can enter all 5 categories or just 1 or 2.
Here is a link to the competition if you would like to get involved.
I decided to pick the Full Moon Party in Thailand, I've never been to Thailand and I would love to go; this is definitely an outfit I would wear.
Topshop High Waisted Hotpants £28 // H&M Crochet Crop Top £12.99 // Topshop Bandeau Bikini Top £13 // Urban Outfitters Fluro Sandals in Orange £32 // Miss Selfridge Tan Lock Front Boxy Bag £25 // ASOS Designsix Statement Necklace £8
I chose this outfit purely for the comfort of partying on a beach! The denim shorts are a must-have pretty much all year round... even when the weather is bad I like to team them with tights! The neon bikini adds some colour under the crochet crop top and the sandals are perfectly strappy for running and dancing around on the sand! Also the neon again adds a pop of colour into the outfit! The tan shoulder bag I added because I actually really like it and its probably something I would use on holiday going to a beach party! Plenty big enough to fit the essentials in... Lastly, I didn't want to over do it on jewellery so I went for this lovely gold statement necklace from ASOS, I really liked the design and I think it matches perfectly!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OOTD 8.4.13


Excuse the black clothes... but I have to wear black for work... So, yesterday I decided to do an Outfit post but completely forgot to upload it as I have been very ill lately (sigh). So here we go!
My dogtooth trousers are topshop, as well as my scallop edge top & my tassel shoes (which are amazingly comfy)! I cant find the trousers or top on the website sorry! But here are the shoes. My ring is also topshop (sorry again, I can't find it on the website). As for my wrist wear, my watch is GC; I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend and I looove it! The silver ball bracelet I got as a present from my 'in-laws for my birthday & my last two bracelets - the hamsa hand & the pink cross - are from Dirty Dolly which I told you all about in my last post!
Last but not least, my cardigan is actually Peacocks... *cringe* I bought it about 6 months ago, I wear it literally all the time, I've washed it countless times now and for £8 I think its still pretty wearable! It hasn't faded and is still in shape so can't complain!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dirty Dolly Jewellery!

If you haven't heard of Dirty Dolly, you need to get in the know! They are friends of mine who design and make their own jewellery.. all the pieces are absolutely adorable and extremely purse friendly!
I went to them a couple of weeks before my birthday party asking if I could look through some of their new designs and pick out a necklace that would match my party outfit perfectly! I ended up falling in love with TWO necklaces so it was suggested that the two necklaces be combined to make a one off custom made piece for moi!
The picture on the left is the front of my necklace & the right picture is the back - I chose the black & silver design because it is slightly on trend with the whole monochrome look! It also matched my dress perfectly!
If you like unique & edgy jewellery like this then I highly recommend Dirty Dolly! Thanks again for my necklace ladies :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Missguided Wishlist

These items are from Missguided... if you know me, then you know I love a bit of Missguided! I probably have near enough to 100 items in my wishlist but I've just picked out a few of my faves, which I may purchase when I get paid!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My First Ever Blog Post!

Hello! Welcome to my brand new blog! I have been thinking about doing something like this for quite a while... I turned 21 last week and I think I'm suddenly going through a bit of a "quarter life crisis" because I found myself creating a blog!
Anyways, my first ever post is going to be all about my birthday because it was so so amazing and I'm absolutely gutted its now over! So, I turned 21 last Monday & went out for a lovely meal at chiquitos with my family and boyfriend.
Obviously being my birthday, I had to have a couple of cocktails... are they were amazing!!
On the Saturday after my birthday I (& mostly my mum) planned a BIIIG party for me in a hall, it was absolutely amazing and I literally had the best night of my life. All my friends and family were there; some that I hadn't seen in months and even years! We hired a DJ and all in all I think everyone (including bar staff & bouncers!) had a really good night! My mum had a cake made for me and it looked incredible - I didn't want to eat it because it was so beautiful & detailed... but I had to, and it was delicious!
Just a few of my fave pictures from Saturday night - I'm not sure who will actually read this but thank you very much if you do, hope you have a great week :)