Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution

I finally jumped on the #bbloggers bandwagon and purchased a 250ml of Bioderma! After hearing everyone rave about it I decided to banish the face wipes and take the plunge. I have been using this now for about two weeks and I looove it. Why did I never try it sooner I keep asking myself?!
Bioderma is aimed at cleansing normal to dry & sensitive skin which is moi here, my skin is ridiculously dry & sensitive. I was a bit wary at first about using something like this in case it dried my skin out even more. Its a mild micellar water cleanser and make up remover, impurities are removed from the skin using micelles which maintain the skins balance. I picked up some of the bigger double sided oval face pads from Boots because I don't really like using the little ones much on my face and I just soak the side you use for your face and then I remove my face make up. I carry on using as many face pads to remove my make up until they have no dirt on them; usually only takes a couple as its hot so I haven't been wearing much make up but also, the pads are huge so its easy to do your whole face with one. I then rinse my face with a wet flannel as recommended. Bioderma is alcohol free so it soothes and cools any skin irritation and redness on the face - I don't have much of this but it is amazingly cooling and really refreshing. In this hot weather I've actually just been using it to cool down! Some added ingredients prevent irritation and make the skin feel really refreshed, clean and free from make up - even water proof mascara.
I picked this up from Escentual a few weeks back when they had a 1/3 off offer on, I think I got it for about £6.50. They do have a 20% offer going on at the moment so its worth checking it out if you are keen to try this. I definitely recommend it if you haven't tried it yet because it is just amazing!

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