Monday, 10 June 2013

REVIEW - Ecotools Foam Applicator

Hello again! Two posts in one day - I'm on a roll! Trying to beat up the uninspired person in me and get back to blogging every other day! Ok, onto talking about the weird looking brush above... I have been seeing this "Foam Applicator" in magazines for the past couple of months and I was just really intrigued as to how it would give a flawless finish. Ecotools is a brand sold in Boots, they do all sorts of brushes and things which are super affordable, I picked up one of their foundation brushes a few months back and was actually very unimpressed... but that's a different story! The Ecotools brushes are all recycled and have bamboo handles which are unbelievably smooth. I've only just realised Ecotools have a website so you should definitely have a butchers if you haven't ever heard of them!
Before I was bought this I actually went to see if I could get it in my local boots (which is quite small), they didn't have it so I had to venture out of Borehamwood a bit to pick one up. Last week I went on a little trip with my dad to pick up some perfume for his girlfriend and I noticed this bad boy, I got really excited that I'd finally found it and my dad offered to buy it for me - very happy Jess.
The first time I used this I was actually slightly baffled as to how? Obviously its not the most normal looking brush is it? Its foam for one and secondly its actually quite tricky to hold. The way I use it is to apply little blobs of foundation to my forehead, cheeks & chin. I then use the flat side of the applicator to buff in the foundation in circular motions. I use the pointy tip to go underneath and above my eyes and around my nose. The first time I did all this it looked a little streaky and I did think I (my dad) had wasted money on another Ecotools brush I wouldn't use again. I didn't give up though - I was convinced "practise makes perfect" so there I sat in front of my mirror for a good 10 minutes trying to smooth out my face. Once I'd finished the coverage was actually really good and I was pleased with the result. Obviously I'm not ecstatically over the moon but I do think its a good brush, its just that it takes longer than normal to get your base blended. I have been using it everyday and it is getting easier to use. I do feel like I have to use more foundation than I normally would though because it doesn't really make a little go a long way.
You can pick up this brush in larger Boots stores for £4.99 - I cant actually find it on my Boots website? - or you can order it on the Ecotools website for $5.99 link (obviously shipped from the US)
Have you tried any of the Ecotools brushes? What are your thoughts?
Are you keen to try this Foam Applicator?
Let me know in the comments! :)