Thursday, 6 March 2014

Pancake Day

I do realise that Pancake day has now been & gone but I just wanted to share my pancakes because Pancake day is definitely one of my favourite days of the year because you HAVE to eat pancakes? Even though I eat pancakes whenever I want really... anyways here are some pics :)

I decided to have the simple, yet effective Nutella & Banana... yummy!

The first pancake didn't turn out too well...

Here is the second pancake! For some reason they all had holes in the middle because the middle of the batter decided to stick to the pan even though we used oil? Very strange...

Nom, nom!!! I could only manage two pancakes because they are so filling?! But now as I am writing this reminiscing I am feeling like I want more pancakes?

So, for lent I said I was going to give up chocolate but I went out for dinner with my dad yesterday and ordered profiteroles for dessert without even realising.. and they were literally covered in chocolate sauce. So yeah, that went out the window. There is always next year!!

Lots of love,

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