Friday, 14 February 2014

Wishlist #10 - Topshop Make-up

From L-R: Top - Lips / Liner / Smokey Eye Palette / Kabuki Brush
Bottom - Nails / Lip Bullet / Blush / Nails 

Shock horror I don't own any Topshop make up but I have read many a good thing about their range. There I was browsing the Topshop website and I decided to create a wishlist. Lately I haven't really had any inspiration to blog and I find wishlists come easy to me because its relatively like window shopping? Plus I love reading them because I'm nosy so I assume everyone else loves reading them? Anyways here is my list; a couple of lipsticks, a couple of nail polishes & a good old eyeliner. Their nail polish range is something I have heard good things about - the range of colours they do being one thing and the fact they last long & don't chip easily being another thing. So the two colours I chose were Blue Jeans & Wide Awake. Blue jeans is an amazing green/blue shimmery colour and Wide Awake is just the perfect orangey coral Spring colour. Everytime Topshop bring out a new lip product I always think "why have I not tried any yet?!" I read many, many reviews on  them and wonder if they are as amazing as people say they are. The lipstick looks like a subtle peach/nude colour (Ooh La La) which would be wearable for everyday and the Lip Bullet is obviously more of a statement red (Joyride) which could work everyday or be worn more for a night out. Next up is the Kabuki brush because I need a new brush and I really loved the electric blue colour! My favourite make up has to be eyeliner because it just transforms any look from simple to sophisticated. I picked this one in the colour Black Cab because I like the look of the slick & skinny design and the nib looks really easy to use. Next I chose this Golden Aura eye palette because the colours are just so neutral & easy for everyday wear or you could build them up to create a smokey eye... which I, unfortunately, cannot do very well anyways so I would just use this for some highlight and natural eye looks. Lastly, the one thing I have read so many good things about is Topshop blush. This blush is in the colour Flush, I love the peach tone and i am definitely more a peach wearer than a pink blush as it suits my skin tone better so this would sit quite nicely in my collection. 

If you have tried any of these products please let me know what you think? Wishlists make me want to buy everything I choose :(

Lots of love,

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