Monday, 19 August 2013

Photo Diary #11

I don't usually buy Company magazine but couldn't resist the eyeliner freebie! // pastel nails // anniversary flowers from the boyfriend // anniversary make up // cheesy nacho goodness // haagen dazs ice cream for dessert // love a rainbow // mirror selfie // 99 flake without the flake... chocolate sauce & sprinkles <3
I've been a bit quiet this week, not really feeling the urge to blog much so if someone can give me some advice in how to get over this hurdle I will appreciate it! So, Tuesday of last week was mine & my boyfriends 6 year anniversary! We decided to head into London (Leicester Square) and go to the steak house because lets be honest, everyone loves a steak house! I don't actually eat steak so I had chicken but it was still delicious. Once we had eaten we took a wonder around Leicester Square; had a bit of a mooch into m&m world and got some haagen dazs ice cream which was so delicious! We then stopped to see some street performers, they were break dancers and when they were introducing themselves at the beginning and asking people to give donations at the end we thought they would be really crap, however they were amazing! They had such talent, spinning on their head and all sorts of madness!
Ive also been keeping up to date with the #augustphotochallenge so if you would like to follow me on instagram please do so; @jessicullxo
Hope you've all had a pleasant weekend :)

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