Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wishlist #3

Just a couple of things I have been lusting over the past week or so!
Tiger Print Bodysuit £19.99 Missguided
I have been wanting this bodysuit ever since I saw it on Missguideds Instagram where it was being modelled on in Barcelona! Its so cool and edgy and I think it will just look amazing teamed with a pair of high waisted denim shorts. I NEED IT.
Leopard Face Bandeau £10 Topshop
Another animal print item.. I am obsessed! I just love the lions face on this and 'm not quite sure what I would wear with it except maybe underneath quite a see through white tee?
These jeggings are identical to the Joni jeans but in a jegging form and I would be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued by them.. I love anything high waisted, I think its just so flattering and so easy to wear.
Strappy Cami £18 Topshop
I have this cami in black and I love it. Its so versatile; you can literally wear it with anything and I just fell in love with this colour when I saw it.
iPhone4 Dreamcatcher Case £10.50
I have been wanting a new phone case for a while now. At the moment I just have a purple silicone one & im really bored of it.. If you know me then you know I love a dreamcatcher! I have a tattoo of one and I've got about three in my room! So obviously I saw this and fell in love! Just not sure I can justify spending £10 on a case for my phone? Hmmm
Cosmetics Organizer £26
I am soon to be moving house and I've been looking at getting one of these make up storage boxes for a while - I'm sure Ikea have something cheaper but I just like this one, it seems to be the perfect size. I don't have a massive make up collection but I do have enough and its long over due to be organised!
Peep Toe Platform Suede Heels £39.99 Missguided
Literally only saw these about 3 days ago but I AM IN LOVE. They are so adorable and I love how chunky they are!
Since my last wishlist I am still in need of a new bag! I love a bit of suede and its studded aswell?! Someone buy this for me, pretty please? :)
Comic Print Midi Skirt £10.99 Missguided
I fell in love with the print on this skirt as soon as I saw it; I think I may have to just buy it actually... I don't have anything midi & I'm not sure if it even suits me but I've seen other people wear a midi dress/skirt and I think it looks so nice & is so flattering! Also, for £11 can't really go wrong?!
Unfortunately this shirt is not in my size *cries* but I'm tempted to just get the M/L and tell people its meant to be huge? Hmm not sure... I just love it, monochrome is a big trend this S/S and I don't have any blouses like this in my wardrobe so I'm thinking of it as a lasting piece? No?
What are some things you've been lusting over the past couple of weeks? Any recommendations on some other make up storage organizers?

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