Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What's In My Holiday Toiletries Bag?

Hello! I am back after what feels like forever but was just short of two weeks! No I haven't been away so I don't really have a valid excuse, I just recently haven't found the time to blog. I left my old job and started training for my new job as a carer so I was pretty busy with all that! However, I am jetting off on holiday on Monday so I decided to show you what is in my toiletries bag because I don't know about you but I love reading these kinds of posts!
This clear bag I picked up from Marks & Spencer and it came with 2 smaller bags so I will be using one for my make up and one for any in-flight skincare I will be needing. I think they were about £6.50 for the set of 3. They also had it in black with white spots but I much preferred the pink!

 First up we have haircare! On the left we have the Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo in 500ml because I am a double shampoo-er! I decided not to buy the Colour Mate conditioner because washing my hair on holiday is the bane of my life so I opted for a leave-in conditioner which I can apply to my hair once its washed, as directed! Obviously, no one can go away without a Batiste Dry Shampoo so we don't need to mention much else about that!

Next up is sun cream! As you can see I have picked up factor 50, I am pale so if I don't wear a high factor I turn into a lobster and it has taken many a lobster occasion to get me wearing factor 50! The Nivea range (sorry I can't find a link) is my favourite especially the sensitive skin range which also has aloe vera in and is water resistant so its super soft on the skin & you don't always have to reapply coming out the pool (but I do anyways because I don't always trust it)! I decided to pick up a Soltan Once Kids Waterplay Hypoallergenic Suncare Lotion in factor 50 for my face! Like I've said before I have a very sensitive face so the last thing I want is for it to burn, but lets just be honest for a sec my face never tans/burns so im not missing much by applying this! It claims to be 3 hour water resistant and has 6 hours sun protection so hopefully I wont have to apply this too much - its only a small tube so I don't want to waste it. I picked up 2 tubes of the Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion to obviously apply each evening to pro-long any tan I manage to get, I have never used the Soltan after sun before so im hoping its as good as Nivea's after sun as that is what I used last year.

 Lastly is some misc bits! I picked up a teeny tiny toothpaste & mouthwash because, well, I thought they were cute and I decided on the shower gel because its called Ocean Fresh which I thought seemed quite refreshing for a holiday shower gel! All these products I picked up from my local Boots store and they were a part of the 3for2 offer.
So, there you have my toiletries for my holiday! I may or may not be showing you a What's in my Holiday Make-Up Bag? but im not too sure on that yet... maybe I will do an in-flight skincare post instead.
Thanks for reading :)
*disclaimer- I purchased these with my own money.

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