Saturday, 3 May 2014

ELF Lip Balm SPF 15 in Rose

Prepare for the first of many ELF reviews to come because I ordered a shed load with a 50% discount & I love almost every single thing so I want to do reviews for you guys :)
First up we have one of their lip balms which also has a bit of colour to it. This is in the shade 'rose' and probably the only shade I would ever wear. Saying that, I would probably buy the Nude colour but when it comes to lip balms I like them to be as natural as possible. This shade just sort of adds that 'my lips but better' look.
In terms of packaging i think its really sturdy and easy to just pop in your handbag to use throughout the day. I've been using this now for the past few days and I can say it does make my lips feel really moisturised & soft. Also with it having SPF in it you don't have to worry about your lips getting a bit sunburnt which always happens to me. 
On first application it has a really strong minty smell which I absolutely love - some people might not like that which is understandable. It slightly tingles on the lips which I also love, and then the smell & the tingling goes after about 10 seconds. It doesn't really have a long staying time like most lip balms but the colour is still significantly noticeable after an hour or so which is good for a lip balm in my opinion.  

Overall, I really love this product & for just under £4 I may have to buy the Nude...

Have you tried any other ELF lip products before? What are your recommendations?

Lots of love,