Friday, 25 April 2014

Bourjois Paris Dark Khol Mascara


I have had this mascara sitting in my make-up bag ready to be reviewed for quite a few months now. Bourjois are one of those brands that I really like but I don't actually buy much of their make-up. This is the second mascara of theirs I have tried and I must admit, there are better mascaras out there...
As you can see, the brush is beyond weird. When I first saw it I just thought how the hell am I meant to put that near my eye? With quite a bit of practice and lots of mascara in the eye jobbies I managed to successfully apply it. The strange looking spoolie grabs every eye lash brilliantly and the bristles on the end of the brush are great for getting the tiny eyelashes you cant quite reach. It is a definitely a buildable mascara - you have to apply a fair few coats to get that voluminous & well lengthened look which is something I aim for on a daily basis.
I think the fact that it is one of those mascaras you have to spend time applying, is what puts me off. I apply my make up very early in the morning so I need something that does its job straight away whilst I am still half asleep. Saying that, I do reach for this mascara more at the weekends when I spend more time doing my make up.

Overall, it is decent & I would recommend it but I do have other mascara favourites. Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

Lots of love,

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